The Cloud Pirate - Weekly Haul

The Cloud Pirate - Weekly Haul

30th January - 6th February 2024

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Without further ado, here's this week's haul:

How to Use Terraform Toset Function

By Jack Roper on 30th January 2024

Ahoy Landlubber! Today, I be teachin' ye all about the Terraform toset function. This function allows ye to convert a list to a set, which can be useful for certain Terraform configurations. Jack Roper be the author of this article, and he provides an example of how to use the toset function in a Terraform configuration file. Simply use the toset function and provide the list ye want to convert. Then, ye can use the set in your configuration. Don't be forgettin' to use the hashtags

How to Remove a Resource From Terraform State File

By Techielass on 30th January 2024

Avast Ye! Ahoy there, me hearties, it be me, The Cloud Pirate, here to tell ye an epic tale of Terraform State Files. Techielass can show ye how to remove a resource from Terraform State File. Ye can use a command called "terraform state rm" and then select the resource that ye want to remove. If ye have dependencies, then ye have to remove them too. This can be done easily by using the "-force" command, but be careful! Ye don't want to accidentally remove something important. Shiver me timbers, that's all ye need to know! Anchors away!

Joining Azure Adaptive Cloud Experiences (ACX) Evaluation and Community Enablement

By Thomas Maurer on 30th January 2024

Ahoy Me Hearties! Yer friendly Cloud Pirate has joined the Azure Adaptive Cloud Experiences evaluation and community. Thomas Maurer writes about taking part in the program, which aims to provide "a connected, personalized, and proactive customer experience that supports clients in achieving their business goals." ACX seeks to "enable the community to share knowledge and collaborate." The Cloud Pirate is excited to be part of this community and looks forward to learning and sharing with fellow ACX members.

How to solve ‘Mountpoint must either be a directory or not exist’ in Google Colab workbook?

By Antti K. Koskela on 30th January 2024

Ahoy Me Hearties! Today, The Cloud Pirate has learned how to solve the pesky "Mountpoint must either be a directory or not exist" error in Google Colab workbook. This typically appears when trying to mount a drive to Google Colab but having issues with the syntax. The solution is to ensure that the mountpoint directory either exists or is created before executing the mount command. The directory can be created using the "!" command followed by "mkdir" and the desired mountpoint directory name. Once the directory is created, the mount command should execute successfully.

Azure Community Enthusiasts 8th April 2024 Event

By Azure Community Enthusiasts User Group on 30th January 2024

Avast Ye Scallywags! Check out the Azure Community Enthusiasts 8th April 2024 Event hosted by Azure Community Enthusiasts User Group. It's a must-watch for all ye tech enthusiasts out there. Join the Azure community and learn more about Microsoft Azure while having fun with fellow pirates. ⚓️🔥💻

Automate Entra ID Application Creation and Access Management with Terraform and GitHub Actions

By Suryendu Bhattacharyya on 30th January 2024

Yo Ho Ho, me hearties! The Cloud Pirate here to give ya the scoop on how to automate Entra ID application creation and access management with Terraform and GitHub Actions. In this article by Suryendu Bhattacharyya, ye'll learn how to use Terraform and Azure AD to automate the creation and management of Entra ID applications, and GitHub Actions to handle version control and deployment. By automating the process, ye can save time and reduce human error. So hoist the sails and set a course for seamless Entra ID application management!

How to Generate Images with Terraform Graph Command

By Jack Roper on 31st January 2024

Hit The Deck me hearties! 'tis me, The Cloud Pirate, here to give ye a summary of Jack Roper's article on how to generate images with Terraform Graph Command. This command generates a visual representation of your Terraform code and shows the relationships between resources. It be a great tool to use for understanding and troubleshooting your code. Ye can use it to generate PNG, SVG, or DOT files. Be sure to add the appropriate flags to customise the output to yer liking. Give it a go and get a better view of yer cloud infrastructure!

GitHub Action error Resource not accessible by integration when attempting to upload SARIF report files to GitHub

By Thomas Thornton on 31st January 2024

Yo Ho Ho! Ahoy there mateys! The Cloud Pirate is here with a summary of Thomas Thornton's article on GitHub Action error. When an attempt was made to upload SARIF report files to GitHub, an error occurred, stating that the resource was not accessible by integration. The reason for the error was that the GitHub actions were unable to access the repository because they didn't have sufficient permissions. This can be fixed by modifying the YAML file and specifying the correct repository permissions. The Cloud Pirate recommends checking the permissions and modifying them if necessary to avoid such errors.

Leveraging Microsoft Defender for Identity

By John Savill's Technical Training on 31st January 2024

Yarr! Ahoy there me hearties! It be I, The Cloud Pirate, bringing ye another booty of technical treasure from John Savill's Technical Training. This time, we be talkin' 'bout Leveraging Microsoft Defender for Identity. Learn how to protect yer identity from scurvy dogs and other no good landlubbers!

Is Fabric and PowerBI are two different things?? #Microsoftfabric #PowerBI #powerplatform

By Dhruvin Shah on 31st January 2024

Aaaarrrrgggghhhh! Ahoy mateys! The Cloud Pirate here with a video recommendation for ye. 'Is Fabric and PowerBI are two different things??' by Dhruvin Shah is a must-watch for all ye Microsoft fabric and PowerBI enthusiasts out there. Don't forget to give credit where credit is due, so always remember to mention the author, Dhruvin Shah. ⚓️🏴‍☠️⛵️

Power Automate - Live Quiz - Learn & Enjoy

By Dhruvin Shah on 31st January 2024

Walk The Plank! Ahoy, ye landlubbers! 'Tis I, The Cloud Pirate, with a treasure of a YouTube video for ye! This be called Power Automate - Live Quiz - Learn & Enjoy, created by none other than Dhruvin Shah. Set yer sights on this informative and entertaining video, filled with quizzes and knowledge about Power Automate.

By Charbel Nemnom on 31st January 2024

Batten down the hatches, me hearties! The Cloud Pirate here to tell ye about Azure Private Link VS Azure Service Endpoint. According to the wise Charbel Nemnom, both serve to connect your Azure resources privately and securely to other Azure services, without exposing them to the public internet. However, Private Link provides connectivity through a private IP address within a virtual network, while Service Endpoint carries traffic through the public internet using Microsoft backbone infrastructure. Private Link is recommended for hybrid scenarios or when using third-party services, while Service Endpoint is more suitable for Azure services within the same region.

Windows LAPS Under the Hood: Automatic Account Management

By Rudy Ooms on 31st January 2024

Ahoy Thar Swashbuckler! Ye be in fer a treat with this here article by Rudy Ooms on Windows LAPS. This be an account management tool ye can use in yer Windows environment to secure admin passwords. The tool generates a unique password for each device and stores it in Active Directory. The passwords be managed and rotated automatically, making it harder for hackers to crack 'em. This article delves into the technicalities of the tool and how it works. It be mighty useful fer those in charge of security in their organisation. ⚓️🌊💻

CFD19 - Accelerating Data Analytics with NeuroBlade

By Matt Allford on 31st January 2024

Ahoy Landlubber! Today we explore NeuroBlade, the data analytics technology that be helpin' ye accelerate yer data processing times, by The Cloud Pirate. It's capable of achievin' up to a 40 times speed increase in readin' and writin' memory, addressin' one of the key performance bottlenecks that most enterprises face. NeuroBlade's system comes with a Plug and Play model to allow ease of integration and requires no changes to the software or storage systems. With AI capabilities provided by OpenAI and support from Azure, NeuroBlade be a highly sought technology.

Enforcing Kubernetes best practices and simplifying Kubernetes Configuration Validation with Kube-Linter and GitHub Actions

By Thomas Thornton on 31st January 2024

Aye Aye! Ahoy there mateys, The Cloud Pirate here to give you a summary of an article on Kubernetes by Thomas Thornton. Kubernetes can be a complex system to use effectively, but enforcing best practices is essential for keeping your environment running smoothly. That's where Kube-Linter comes in, making it easier to validate your Kubernetes configuration and ensure that your settings are optimized for performance. By using GitHub Actions, you can automate these checks and get alerted to any issues before they become major problems. So set sail on a voyage to effective Kubernetes management with Kube-Linter and GitHub Actions! Arrrr!

Demystifying Kubernetes Networking - Part-1

By Ahmed Muhi on 31st January 2024

Walk The Plank! Ahoy mates, me name be The Cloud Pirate and I be summarizin' an arrrticle called "Demystifyin' Kubernetes Networkin' - Part-1" by Ahmed Muhi. This article be talkin' about Kubernetes networkin' and how it may puzzle some sailors. Kubernetes creates a virtual network that connects all the containers inside a cluster, makin' them look like they be on the same network. This article dives into the details of how the network works and the types of networks that can be used. It also talks about different Kubernetes objects that can be used to configure the network, like services and endpoints. Ye can learn a lot from this article, so give it a read!

How to Deploy Apps from the Enterprise App Catalog In Intune

By Daniel Bradley on 01 February 2024

Heave Ho me hearties! Avast ye! Let me tell ye how to deploy apps from the Enterprise App Catalog in Intune, written by Daniel Bradley. First, ye need to add an app, then upload an app, next, create an app assignment and finally, deploy the app. Ye can also choose to deploy apps to specific user groups or devices. This guide provides a step-by-step process to make app deployment a breeze.

Embracing the Future: Understanding the Impact of AI on Business Operations

By Peter Ruiter on 01 February 2024

Batten down the hatches, me hearties! Today we be talkin' about the impact o' artificial intelligence on business operations, written by Peter Ruiter. He be explainin' how AI can help businesses operate more efficiently, reducin' costs and improvin' processes. However, it also poses a risk to jobs that can be easily automated. Companies must adapt to these changes and upskill their employees to prepare for the future. Embracin' AI can lead to increased productivity and revenue, but it must be done thoughtfully.

Continuous deployment to Azure Container Apps with Azure DevOps

By Dan Rios on 01 February 2024

Ahoy Landlubber! Gather round and let me tell ye 'bout Dan Rios' article on Continuous deployment to Azure Container Apps with Azure DevOps. The article explains how to create an Azure Container App and set up a continuous deployment pipeline in Azure DevOps. The process involves creating a Dockerfile, setting up an Azure Container Registry, building the container image, and deploying it to Azure Container Apps. With this setup, any changes made to the code can easily be deployed to the app with just a push to the code repository. If ye be interested in Azure, OpenAI, and containers, be sure to check out this article. ⚓️🌩️🏴‍☠️

The Dhruvin Show - EP 07 - AI for Developers | Ft. Gautam Sheth

By Dhruvin Shah on 01 February 2024

Avast Ye! Me hearties, gather round and feast yer eyes on this here video brought to ye by none other than The Cloud Pirate! The title be The Dhruvin Show - EP 07 - AI for Developers | Ft. Gautam Sheth by Dhruvin Shah. Aye, ye heard it right, this be a video about AI for developers and be featuring none other than Gautam Sheth! So, me mateys who be interested in AI and development, weigh anchor and set sail to this video!

Device Query: A Mad Max Feature

By Rudy Ooms on 01 February 2024

Yo Ho Ho! Ahoy there, me hearties! The Cloud Pirate here with a tale of a Mad Max feature called Device Query, brought to us by the talented wordsmith Rudy Ooms. This feature is quite handy for programmers using multiple GPUs on a single machine, as it helps identify which GPU is assigned to which task. This makes programming and optimizing GPU usage much easier. With the rise of AI and cloud computing, this feature is becoming increasingly relevant and helpful. So, if you're a GPU programmer sailing the seas of coding, this is one feature you won't want to miss!

Azure World Newsletter – Issue 5.02

By Scott Duffy on 01 February 2024

Shiver Me Timbers! Ahoy mateys, 'tis The Cloud Pirate here to give ye the scoop on the Azure World Newsletter - Issue 5.02 by Scott Duffy. In this edition, there be news on Azure Blob Storage, updates on the OpenAI language model, and a sneak peek at Azure Sentinel's new hunting queries. Plus, there's a handy tip on how to save a bundle on Azure VPN Gateway. Avast ye, if ye be a fan of Azure or OpenAI, check out this newsletter!

The Power of Open Telemetry Dr. Sally Wahba

By Scott Hanselman on 01 February 2024

Yarr! Ahoy there, me hearties! 'Tis I, The Cloud Pirate, here to introduce ye to a mighty fine video by Scott Hanselman called "The Power of Open Telemetry Dr. Sally Wahba". Ye'll be learnin' all about the wonders o' Open Telemetry and how it can be used in conjunction with Azure and OpenAI. So hoist the sails and watch this video, me mateys!

CFD19 - Going from Ground to Cloud and Back with Dell

By Matt Allford on 01 February 2024

Yarr! Ahoy, me hearties! The Cloud Pirate here to tell ye about Matt Allford's article on goin' from ground to cloud and back with Dell at CFD19. He speaks of how Dell's PowerEdge R740xd can handle multiple GPUs for machine learnin' workloads and how they're partnering up with Microsoft Azure to bring OpenAI to the masses. This means ye can use the cloud to learn and then bring that knowledge back down to ye own servers. Three suitable hashtags be

Five Push Notifications at Device Query

By Rudy Ooms on 02 February 2024

Abandon Ship me hearties! 'Tis I, The Cloud Pirate, bringin' ye news from the high seas of technology. Rudy Ooms has written an article on how push notifications can be used to query devices. The article discusses five different push notification types that can be used for this purpose, including polling notifications, silent push notifications, and background fetch notifications. Each notification type is explained in detail, along with its potential uses and drawbacks.

Four simple facts about the DP-600 exam

By Kevin Chant on 02 February 2024

Fire in the hole! Ahoy, maties! The Cloud Pirate has a message for ye about the DP-600 exam by Kevin Chant. Here be four simple truths ye should know before ye set sail for this Azure exam: 1 ye need to know SQL; 2 ye must understand Azure Machine Learning; 3 ye should be familiar with Azure Cognitive Services; and 4 ye should practice coding. Arrr, with these facts in mind, ye'll be ready to take on the DP-600 exam and earn yer Azure certification.

The Dhruvin Show - EP 08 - AI in IT World | Ft. Dhruvil Prajapati

By Dhruvin Shah on 02 February 2024

Ahoy Thar Swashbuckler! Set yer sails and prepare to hoist the anchor, for I, The Cloud Pirate, bring to ye a fine YouTube video called "The Dhruvin Show - EP 08 - AI in IT World | Ft. Dhruvil Prajapati" by Dhruvin Shah. In this episode, we dive deep into the world of Artificial Intelligence in IT.

Azure Infrastructure Update - 2nd of February 2024

By John Savill's Technical Training on 02 February 2024

Aye Aye me hearties! The Cloud Pirate here with a new video from John Savill's Technical Training. This one be called Azure Infrastructure Update - 2nd of February 2024. Arrrr! ⚓️🏴‍☠️🌊

WTH Are Azure Verified Modules?

By Sam Cogan on 02 February 2024

Walk The Plank me hearties! Today, The Cloud Pirate be tellin' ye about Azure Verified Modules in just 100 jolly words. These be certified, ready-made code components that ye can use to build and deploy yer Azure applications. The modules have gone through a rigorous review process, ensuring they be secure, reliable and follow industry standards. This be savin' ye time and effort as ye won't have to develop these components from scratch. Ye can also submit yer own modules for verification, sharing it with the Azure community.

Why do I have two webcams?

By Jussi Roine on 03 February 2024

Shiver me timbers! Avast ye, me hearties! It be The Cloud Pirate speakin' and I've got a tale to tell about why I have two webcams! Jussi Roine shares his experience of using two webcams for different purposes - one for video conferencing and another for streaming - and how it's been a game-changer for him. Having multiple webcams gives you more flexibility and control when it comes to using them for different tasks. Jussi even talks about setting up a virtual camera using Azure and OpenAI to enhance his video production. Arr, if ye be wantin' to improve yer video quality, consider hittin' up this article!

Thoughts on AI in Application Development.

By Jamie Maguire on 03 February 2024

Aaaarrrrgggghhhh mateys! 'Tis I, The Cloud Pirate, with me thoughts on AI in application development. Jamie Maguire writes that AI can provide many benefits to application development, such as automating testing and improving user experience. However, he also cautions that it's important not to rely too heavily on AI, as human oversight is still necessary. Maguire suggests that developers should focus on using AI to augment their skills rather than replace them entirely.

Device Query: Dead of 64-bits

By Rudy Ooms on 03 February 2024

Blimey, me hearties! As The Cloud Pirate, I have read Rudy Ooms' article on Device Query: Dead of 64-bits. Ooms suggests that 64-bit is dead because CPUs are increasingly focusing on Gigahertz instead of core count. He argues that the new focus means virtualisation may continue to be a better option for many users over going physical. Ooms identifies the emergence of SoC microservers, which he believes will change the traditional data centre structure. He also questions whether ARM and RISC-V processors will replace x86 CPUs in the future.

Accessing KeyVault from Azure DevOps

By Luke Murray on 03 February 2024

Land Ho! Ahoy there me hearties, it be The Cloud Pirate here to tell ye about Accessing KeyVault from Azure DevOps by Luke Murray. This 'ere article explains how to securely manage and store secrets using Azure KeyVault and how to access them from Azure DevOps. The KeyVault provides a centralised location for storing secrets like API keys and passwords. Luke breaks down the different steps needed to set up and authenticate access to the KeyVault from Azure DevOps. This can be done using either a Service Principal or Managed Identity. So, weigh anchor and set sail on yer journey to secure yer secrets! Arrr!

Learning Git and GitHub [Part Three]

By Simon Lee on 03 February 2024

Abandon Ship! Ahoy there, me hearties! 'Tis I, The Cloud Pirate, back with me next lesson on Learning Git and GitHub by Simon Lee. Thar be talk of resolving conflicts and merging branches, mateys! You'll learn how to work collaboratively with another crewmate on a project, without getting yer code tangled up in seaweed. And fear not, by the end of the lesson, ye shall slay the beastly GitKraken and make it walk the plank!

gRPC API Server for .NET on Raspberry Pi

By Batsirai Tambo on 03 February 2024

Aaaarrrrgggghhhh! Ahoy there, mateys! I be The Cloud Pirate, bringin' ye news from the high seas of technology. Batsirai Tambo has written an article on Imaginarium about gRPC API Server for .NET on Raspberry Pi. It discusses how to create a gRPC API server in .NET for the Raspberry Pi platform. The article explains the benefits of using gRPC as a communication protocol and shows how to implement it in .NET. The tutorial also includes step-by-step instructions on how to deploy the server on a Raspberry Pi device. So, if ye be interested in gRPC and Raspberry Pi, give it a read!

Model Driven App Sorting a view

By Jon Russell on 03 February 2024

Abandon Ship! Ahoy there, me hearties! It be me, The Cloud Pirate, and I've got a tale to tell ye 'bout sorting views in Model Driven Apps. Jon Russell be the author o' this fine article, and he talks 'bout how t' sort views in a Model Driven App. He says ye need to create a view with the columns ye wanna sort by, then create a new view and select the sorting options. But beware, ye can only have one sorted view per entity, so choose carefully! Arrr, these hashtags be fitting for me tale:

Do you use monitoring in Azure, and why not?

By Cloud Lunch and Learn on 04 February 2024

Walk the Plank! Ahoy there, me hearties! The Cloud Pirate here, and I've set sail to bring ye some valuable knowledge about monitoring in Azure. So hoist the mainsail and let's set course to Cloud Lunch and Learn, who have created this YouTube video about the importance of monitoring in Azure. Don't forget to give them credit, me mateys! ⚓️☁️

In this video, you'll learn why monitoring is crucial in Azure and why you should never neglect it. See how Azure Monitoring can help you spot issues before they become problems and take proactive steps to keep your systems running smoothly. Don't let your ship sink when troubles arrive, savvy?

How to Send Entra ID Logs to Log Analytics

By Travis Roberts on 04 February 2024

Ahoy Thar Swashbuckler! This be The Cloud Pirate wit' a summary o' an article by Travis Roberts titled "How to Send Entra ID Logs to Log Analytics". This piece talks about how to use Azure Monitor and EntraPass to send logs to Log Analytics for analysis. The article shows how to set up the process step by step and provides examples of commands to use. By sending logs to Log Analytics, users can get better reporting and analysis for security events.

Lint Azure Bicep templates in Azure DevOps

By John Lokerse on 05 February 2024

Heave Ho me hearties! Check out John Lokerse's blog on how to lint Azure Bicep templates in Azure DevOps. 'Linting' be the process of checking yer code for errors and problems before it be run on the seas. Bicep templates be used to define yer cloud infrastructure and with this guide, ye'll be able to ensure yer infrastructure be ship-shape and seaworthy. This article provides clear instructions on settin' up the Azure DevOps pipeline and addin' the linter to it. So, me hearties, let's set sail on our cloud adventure with

Increasing Intra Region Resiliency

By John Savill's Technical Training on 05 February 2024

Thar she blows! Ahoy mateys, The Cloud Pirate here! Today, I bring ye a treasure in the form of a YouTube video, produced by John Savill's Technical Training. This be an informative video on Increasing Intra Region Resiliency. Aye, learn how to make yer systems more resilient within the same Azure regions.

Maximizing Security with Microsoft Defender XDR – Unveiling Features and Protection Layers

By Charbel Nemnom on 05 February 2024

Ahoy Landlubber! Ye may be wantin' to heed this tale o' Microsoft Defender XDR by Charbel Nemnom. This article be all 'bout maximizin' yer security with the help of this mighty tool, which provides protection layers to prevent cyber attacks. Charbel Nemnom lays out the features and benefits that come along with Microsoft Defender XDR, includin' endpoint detection and response, security insights, automated investigations, and more. By usin' Microsoft Defender XDR, ye can ensure a safer workin' environment for ye and yer crew.

Assign Graph API App Role to Azure Managed Identity

By Jeff Brown on 05 February 2024

Fire in the hole, me hearties! Ye be settin' yer eyes on a video by Jeff Brown himself on how to Assign Graph API App Role to Azure Managed Identity. Arrr, it be a treasure trove of information on how to configure the Graph API for your Azure app. Don't forget to give credit where it's due - Jeff Brown be the captain of this ship. 👨‍✈️⚓️

NoSQL vs SQL: Demystifying NoSQL Databases

By Build5Nines on 05 February 2024

Ahoy mateys, The Cloud Pirate here to enlighten ye on the difference between NoSQL and SQL databases. Build5Nines be the author of this informative article, and they explain how NoSQL databases differ from relational SQL databases in terms of data structure, scalability and performance. NoSQL databases are non-relational and can handle large amounts of unstructured data, whereas SQL databases are structured and better for handling smaller sets of data. NoSQL databases offer high scalability and performance, making them popular in modern web and mobile applications.

Getting started with the new Intune Suite capabilities in your M365 Developer Program tenant!

By Jeroen Ebus on 05 February 2024

Shiver Me Timbers! Avast ye M365 Developer Program developers! The Cloud Pirate be here to tell ye about the new Intune Suite capabilities. With Intune, ye can manage and secure devices across various platforms. The new capabilities include enhanced enrollment and device management, app deployment, and Windows Autopilot deployment. As part of the M365 Developer Program, ye can now access these features and test them out in a sandbox environment. Don't be a landlubber, get started with Intune and the M365 Developer Program today mateys!

Choosing the Right Azure Container Solution for Your Application

By Ahmed Muhi on 06 February 2024

Blimey, me Hearties! Ahoy there, it's The Cloud Pirate speaking! Are ye lookin' to hoist your application's sails onto Azure Container? Well, me lads, choose wisely, for there be several options available. To make the right decision, consider factors such as scalability, orchestration, and deployment options. For instance, if ye aim to focus on container management and deployment, then Azure Kubernetes Service be yer vessel. On the other hand, if ye aim for a full package and wish to avoid managing the infrastructure, then Azure Container Instances be a suitable ship. To avoid getting lost in the sea of choices, make an informed decision suitable to your needs.

Power Apps Standards, Guidelines & Best Practices

By Craig White on 06 February 2024

Hit The Deck ye scallywags! Cloud Pirate here bringin' ye a summary of Craig White's article on Power Apps Standards, Guidelines & Best Practices. It be important to follow best practices when developin' Power Apps to ensure a smooth user experience. Craig suggests havin' a consistent design and namin' convention, as well as testin' and documentin' your apps. It's also wise to avoid complex formulas and keep the app as simple as possible. These practices can save ye a lot of time and trouble in the long run.