The Cloud Pirate - Weekly Haul

The Cloud Pirate - Weekly Haul

26th March - 2nd April 2024

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Without further ado, here's this week's haul:

'Predefined type ‘System.Object’ is not defined or imported' and other System stuff missing in your solution?

By Antti K. Koskela on 26th March 2024

Ahoy Thar Swashbuckler! This be The Cloud Pirate bringin' ye a summary of Antti K. Koskela's article 'Predefined type ‘System.Object’ is not defined or imported' and other System stuff missing in your solution? In this article, Koskela talks about the issue of missing System references while workin' on a project in Visual Studio. He provides a solution to this problem by addin' the necessary reference in the project's references. Koskela also warns to ensure that all the dependencies are installed before workin' on a project. So, make sure to add the references and install the dependencies before ye set sail to work on yer project, matey!

5 HTML Control tricks in Power Apps

By Charles Sexton on 27th March 2024

Ahoy me hearties! The Cloud Pirate here with a summary o' Charles Sexton's article '5 HTML Control tricks in Power Apps'. He be teachin' ye a few tricks to get the most out o' the HTML control in Power Apps, such as customisation o' the HTML control's style through CSS code injection and the use o' third-party libraries such as Font Awesome to access a vast range o' icons. Other tips include the integration o' custom fonts and the use o' text-to-speech functionality. Avast!

Azure Update Manager series — Deploy Azure Function App using Bicep

By Gijs Reijn on 27th March 2024

Ahoy Thar Swashbuckler! Gijs Reijn has written an article about deploying Azure Function App using Bicep in the Azure Update Manager series. The article outlines the steps to follow to deploy an Azure Function App using Bicep. Bicep is a Domain Specific Language used as infrastructure as code to deploy resources in Azure. The process involves creating a Bicep template, deploying it, and configuring the Azure Function App settings using an ARM template. Follow the steps outlined in the article to deploy your Azure Function App in an easy and efficient manner.

Azure Stack HCI Observability

By John Savill's Technical Training on 27th March 2024

Fire in the hole! Ahoy there! The Cloud Pirate here, bringing you a treasure trove of knowledge in the world of Azure with John Savill's Technical Training! In this video, we'll be diving into the Azure Stack HCI Observability and learning how we can leverage the amazing tools available to ensure we have a clear view of our system status. Tune in to find out more!

Building AI Powered Custom Actions for Power Automate Desktop

By Dhruvin Shah on 27th March 2024

Heave Ho! Ahoy there, me hearties! This be The Cloud Pirate here to talk to y'all bout an amazin' YouTube video by Dhruvin Shah on Building AI Powered Custom Actions for Power Automate Desktop! Arrr, ye don't wanna miss out on this one, as Dhruvin shows ye how to create yer very own custom actions using the power of artificial intelligence! So come aboard me ship and let's set sail on this excitin' adventure!

Do not try and bend the EPM. That’s impossible. Instead… only try to use Support Approved

By Rudy Ooms on 27th March 2024

Thar she blows! Ahoy mateys, The Cloud Pirate here to tell ye the tale of Rudy Ooms and his wise words - do not try and bend the EPM, instead only use support approved. As the author of this article on, Rudy Ooms advises against trying to manipulate or circumvent EPM Enterprise Project Management because it's impossible and can lead to disastrous consequences. Instead, stick to the approved support channels and seek help when needed. Let's keep our cloud voyages safe and smooth with

3 Awesome Tech Habits To Build When You Are Working With Azure

By Gijs Reijn on 28th March 2024

Thar She Blows! Ahoy, me hearties! The Cloud Pirate here to share with ye 3 Awesome Tech Habits to Build When You Are Working With Azure, as written by Gijs Reijn. Firstly, use Infrastructure as Code to streamline Azure resource deployment. Secondly, leverage Azure DevOps to automate and deploy code changes. And finally, embrace serverless computing to avoid unnecessary costs. Remember to add

The challenges of Platform teams (and a few tips & tricks to overcome them)

By Cloud Lunch and Learn on 28th March 2024

Aye Aye! Set yer sails and buckle up, me hearties! Today, The Cloud Pirate is bringing ye a YouTube video called The challenges of Platform teams and a few tips & tricks to overcome them by Cloud Lunch and Learn! ☁️🍴📚

In this video, ye shall learn about the difficulties o' managing platform teams, and how ye can overcome 'em. Make sure to give Cloud Lunch and Learn the credit they deserve! Arrrr!

Active Microsoft Certifications Expired in Credly

By Chris Bradshaw on 28th March 2024

Walk The Plank me hearties! Ye be wantin' to hear 'bout the Active Microsoft Certifications that have Expired in Credly? Well, Chris Bradshaw has written an article 'bout it. Microsoft have decided to make some changes, and as a result, some Certifications have expired in Credly. These changes can have an impact if ye be lookin' to renew or achieve yer own Microsoft Certifications, so make sure ye read the article and prepare accordingly, ye scallywags!

Azure IoT News – March 2024 by Think About IoT

By Maria-Anastasia Moustaka on 28th March 2024

Land Ho! Ahoy, me hearties, The Cloud Pirate here with the latest Azure IoT News for March 2024 brought to ye by Maria-Anastasia Moustaka. This month, Azure IoT has made strides in optimizing edge computing for lower latency and deployed OpenAI to enhance their machine learning capabilities. They have also introduced new tools for managing IoT devices and data pipelines, as well as updates to their security features. With these advancements, Azure IoT continues to stay ahead in the race for innovative IoT solutions.

Enabling PostgreSQL flexible server logs and configuring a retention period using Terraform

By Thomas Thornton on 28th March 2024

Avast Ye! Ahoy there mateys, it be The Cloud Pirate here to share me latest plunder! In me travels, I stumbled upon an article by Thomas Thornton on enabling PostgreSQL flexible server logs and configuring a retention period using Terraform. The article explains how to enable logging for PostgreSQL and how to configure logs retention by modifying terraform files. Thornton emphasises the importance of enabling logs to effectively troubleshoot issues or detect potential threats. Aye, I reckon this be a valuable read for any seafaring cloud developers out there! ⚓️🌊💻

Part 1- Automate your onboarding with Power Automate.

By Andy Jones on 28th March 2024

Aaaarrrrgggghhhh! Ahoy there mateys, The Cloud Pirate here to share with ye a mighty fine article by Andy Jones on how to automate yer onboarding using Power Automate. Yarrr, this be part one of the series where ye can learn how to use Power Automate to streamline yer onboarding processes and improve yer organization. Jones explains each step in detail and provides tips on how to customize yer onboarding workflow to fit yer needs. So, avast ye and give this article a read to improve yer onboarding process! ⚙️🚀🌊

Analyze sustainability data periodically with GitHub Actions for free

By Leo Visser on 28th March 2024

Yarr! Ahoy, me hearties! Ye want to keep yer sustainability data ship-shape, but don't want to pay a pretty penny? Fear not! The Cloud Pirate has found a solution fer ye! Leo Visser suggests using GitHub Actions to parse data periodically and for free. By setting up automated workflows, ye can monitor yer sustainability metrics and identify any potential problems. Ye can even use free tools such as Azure Functions and OpenAI to improve analysis. Keep yer data ship-shape with

Interview with Chris Gill at MVPSummit2024

By Nicholas Chang on 28th March 2024

Batten down the hatches, me hearties! This be The Cloud Pirate here, bringin' ye a marvelous video from the likes o' Nicholas Chang. He be interviewin' the one and only Chris Gill at MVPSummit2024, and it be a fine sight to behold. Learn about cloud computing, Azure, OpenAI, and so much more from this informative chat. Don't be forgettin' to use the hashtags

Dare Obasanjo

By Scott Hanselman on 28th March 2024

Aaaarrrrgggghhhh! Ahoy there, mateys! Join me, The Cloud Pirate, as we embark on a journey with Scott Hanselman's YouTube video - Dare Obasanjo. This be a treasure worth plunderin' as we explore the ins and outs of Azure, OpenAI and more.

Limit local administrators on Microsoft Entra joined devices

By Daniel Bradley on 29th March 2024

Heave Ho me hearties! 'Tis The Cloud Pirate speakin' to ye. I've got a fine article fer ye today by our matey Daniel Bradley. 'Tis called "Limit local administrators on Microsoft Entra joined devices." It be about the importance of limitin' local administrators on yer devices joined to Microsoft Entra to prevent unauthorized access and keep yer systems secure. Bradley recommends utilizin' the Security Baseline policy in Intune to manage local administrators and rid yerself of unnecessary rights. Aye, this be a fine reminder to ensure we keep our devices safe and sound.

Azure Update - 29th March 2024

By John Savill's Technical Training on 29th March 2024

Aye, Aye Captain! Presenting the latest Azure Update from John Savill's Technical Training. Keep yer eyes and ears open, as this update comes with some major improvements! Don't miss out.

Local Administrator, and Autopilot Settings, and Entra Settings! Oh, my!

By Rudy Ooms on 29th March 2024

Blimey, me hearties! Ye old mate Rudy Ooms be tellin' us all about some fancy settings in the world of cloud computing. Firstly, we be learnin' about local administrator settings, which allow users to have more control over their devices. Then, there be talk of Autopilot settings, which help with the setup and deployment of new devices. Finally, we be hearin' about Entra settings, which allow for a more secure login process. These settings be mighty helpful for those using Azure and OpenAI, so give them a try, ye scallywags!

Entra Powershell Connector for Dummies

By Suryendu Bhattacharyya on 29th March 2024

Aye Aye mateys! The Cloud Pirate here to give ye a summary of Suryendu Bhattacharyya's article about the Entra Powershell Connector for Dummies. This article be for those who be new to PowerShell and want to know more about the Entra Powershell Connector. The article explains the steps to install the connector and how to use it to manage and provision resources in your Azure environment. The article also covers how to use the connector with OpenAI to create an intelligent chatbot. Aye me hearties, if ye be looking to improve yer PowerShell skills, give this article a read.

Software Architect

By Panu Oksala on 29th March 2024

Ahoy Landlubber! 'tis me, The Cloud Pirate, here to tell ye about 'Software Architect' by Panu Oksala. In the article, Panu describes the importance of a software architect in the development process. They help to create the blueprint for the system, ensure quality and scalability, and communicate with stakeholders. Panu also emphasizes the need for software architects to stay up-to-date with technology trends and incorporate the latest technologies into their designs. Overall, a software architect is a vital part of any successful software development project.

Azure Storage Account Lifecycle Management rule scopes explained

By Imran Rashid on 29th March 2024

Yarr! Ahoy, maties! The Cloud Pirate 'ere to tell ye about Azure Storage Account Lifecycle Management Rule Scopes explained by Imran Rashid. 'Tis an article that explains the various scopes for creating rules within Azure Storage Account, including management group, subscription, and resource group scopes. Rashid also delves into the considerations to be had when deciding on which scope to use, including how to balance application requirements and security concerns. 🏴‍☠️

Implementing Deployment Safeguards in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS): A Step-by-Step Guide

By Richard Hooper on 29th March 2024

Fire in the hole, me hearties! Ahoy there, 'tis The Cloud Pirate bringin' ye a jolly good read! Richard Hooper has written a step-by-step guide on how to set up deployment safeguards in Azure Kubernetes Service AKS. The article explains how to use Azure DevOps for CD pipelines and Kubernetes RBAC to create a secure deployment process with additional approvals and verification steps. Safety first, me mateys! Arrrgh!

Terraform: Install Latest Version on macOS and Linux

By Build5Nines on 29th March 2024

Yo Ho Ho, avast me hearties! 'Tis I, The Cloud Pirate, here to tell ye about how to install the latest version of Terraform on yer macOS or Linux systems. Me mateys over at Build5Nines have provided a step-by-step guide on how to download and set up the latest version of Terraform, which is a tool used to manage cloud resources. They even explain how to configure yer environment variables and run yer first Terraform program. Arrr, if ye be wanting to improve yer cloud management skills, check out this article!

Azure Friday: Safeguard your containerized workloads using AKS backupAzure Friday:

By Steve Buchanan on 29th March 2024

Shiver me timbers! Ye need to safeguard yer containerized workloads using AKS backup, me hearties! Microsoft MVP Steve Buchanan shares on Azure Friday how to back up your AKS cluster in case of disaster. He explains the importance of backups and walks ye through the process of creating a backup using Velero, an open-source tool that provides disaster recovery and storage migration features for Kubernetes cluster resources. With AKS backup, ye can protect yer containerized workloads and data from loss due to human error, malicious attacks, and other unforeseen events.

Unlocking AI Insights using LangChain and Azure Search

By Nicholas Chang on 29th March 2024

Avast Ye! Me hearties, The Cloud Pirate here to introduce ye to a treasure of a video - Unlocking AI Insights using LangChain and Azure Search by none other than Nicholas Chang himself! In this here video, ye shall learn the secrets to unlocking the full potential of AI insights using LangChain and Azure Search! So hoist the jolly roger and set sail with Nicholas as he guides you on a journey to unlock the true power of AI!

Azure Update Manager series — Configure Event Subscription for Azure Functions

By Gijs Reijn on 30th March 2024

Yarr! Ahoy there, mateys! The Cloud Pirate here with a summary of Gijs Reijn's article on configuring event subscriptions for Azure Functions in the Azure Update Manager series. Reijn explains how to set up an Azure Event Grid topic and subscribe to its events using an Azure Function, which can then trigger a webhook or other action based on the event. This is useful for automating tasks based on changes in Azure resources, such as initiating backups or running security scans.

Azure WebApps- What's New: March 2024

By Chris Bradshaw on 31st March 2024

Heave Ho me hearties! 'Tis I, The Cloud Pirate, here to tell ye about the latest additions to Azure WebApps in March 2024, as written by Chris Bradshaw. Azure WebApps now offers support for Python 4.0, the latest version of the language, along with Node.js 42, .NET 8, and PHP 9. Additionally, developers can now leverage OpenAI's GPT-7 language model to create more advanced chatbots and language processing. Other new features include seamless integration with Azure DevOps and the ability to deploy code directly from GitHub.

Update Branding With the Organizational Branding Administrator Role

By Daniel Bradley on 31st March 2024

Yo Ho Ho! Ahoy me hearties, The Cloud Pirate here with some news on organizational branding in Microsoft Teams. Daniel Bradley has written an article on how to use the Organizational Branding Administrator role to update branding in Teams, including custom logos and colors. This role allows for a centralized approach to branding across the organization, making it easier to maintain consistency. The process involves accessing the Teams admin center and creating a new role group for branding administrators. Avast ye, this is a handy tool for any organization looking to keep their branding up to date in their Teams environment!

A Guide to Power Platform Tenant Settings

By Craig White on 31st March 2024

Walk The Plank! Ahoy mateys, it be I, The Cloud Pirate, guide ye to the hidden treasures of Power Platform Tenant Settings written by Craig White. This here article provides a clear understanding of the tenant settings which include the environment, user settings, analytics, security and privacy. It helps one to configure settings for the maker, admin, and user to achieve optimal functionality. The article provides detailed explanations of each setting with screenshots, giving a step-by-step guide for configuration. Set sail mateys, and discover the treasures of Power Platform Tenant Settings!

Unlocking the Power of Terraform Variables: Simplify Your Infrastructure Code - Terraform on Azure - Part 7

By Ahmed Muhi on 01 April 2024

Heave Ho! Ahoy there mateys, I be The Cloud Pirate here to tell ye about unearthing the power of Terraform variables, as told by Ahmed Muhi in his article. Terraform variables be a powerful tool that can simplify yer infrastructure code by allowing ye to reuse values throughout yer code. Ye can define variables in a separate file or in the main .tf file, and then use them wherever needed. This saves time and reduces errors. Plus, ye can also use input variables and output variables to pass data between Terraform modules. Give it a try, ye won't regret it!

When and how does a device sync with MMP-C (Next Gen Intune)'

By Rudy Ooms on 01 April 2024

Avast ye scallywags! 'When and how does a device sync with MMP-C Next Gen Intune' by Rudy Ooms is a helpful article for those looking to understand the syncing process of devices with MMP-C. The article explains in detail how devices sync with MMP-C, including the different triggers that can initiate a sync and the steps involved in the process. It also highlights some common issues that can arise during syncing and provides solutions for them. The article is a must-read for anyone using MMP-C and looking to optimize their syncing process.

Coding Session: Enhancing PowerShell Scripts with Parameters and Error Handling

By Jeff Brown on 01 April 2024

Blimey! Ahoy there, landlubbers! Feast yer eyes on this fine video created by the mighty Jeff Brown himself! 'Tis a coding session where he teaches us the art of enhancing PowerShell scripts with parameters and error handling. It be a valuable lesson fer any aspiring programmer or seasoned seafarer alike!

Git: Merge Repositories with History

By Build5Nines on 01 April 2024

Yarr! Ahoy me hearties, 'tis The Cloud Pirate here to tell ye about merging repositories with history in Git. This fine article from Build5Nines explains how to combine multiple Git repositories while retaining all commit history. The process involves creating a new repository, pulling the existing repositories into it, and resolving any conflicts that arise. This method ensures no data is lost and provides a comprehensive history of all changes made across the repositories. So, hoist the sails and set a course for seamless repository merging! ⚓️💻🌊

Interview with Chirag Patel at MVPSummit2024

By Nicholas Chang on 01 April 2024

Blimey! Welcome aboard, me hearties! I be The Cloud Pirate and ye be joining me for an interview with Chirag Patel at MVPSummit2024, brought to ye by the one and only Nicholas Chang. Get ready to learn some savvy knowledge about Azure and OpenAI!

Supercharge Productivity with Microsoft Graph Connectors

By Dhruvin Shah on 02 April 2024

Aaaarrrrgggghhhh! Ahoy, mateys! Settle in for a video on how to Supercharge Productivity with Microsoft Graph Connectors by Dhruvin Shah. Follow along as he shows you how to connect your everyday apps and services to improve your workflow. Don't forget to give credit where credit is due and call him by name - Dhruvin Shah. Remember to use these three hashtags:

Azure SQL Managed Instance: Network Intent Policy error fix in Azure Bicep

By Dan Rios on 02 April 2024

Heave Ho me mateys! 'tis The Cloud Pirate bringin' ye news o' how to fix the Network Intent Policy error in Azure Bicep for Azure SQL Managed Instance. In an article by Dan Rios, he explains how to use Azure Bicep to fix this issue by creating a script that specifies the allowed inbound and outbound traffic. This can be done by setting the network intent policy to "allow" and adding rules for the appropriate ports. The article provides a step-by-step guide on how to do this using the Azure Portal. Arrrr!

Keeping up with the EmmDeviceID And Config Refresh Bug

By Rudy Ooms on 02 April 2024

Fire in the hole, me hearties! 'Tis I, The Cloud Pirate, bringin' ye news of the EmmDeviceID and ConfigRefresh bug. This be a pesky problem that can cause issues for managing Microsoft Intune devices. The article by Rudy Ooms explains the cause of the bug and offers tips on how to keep up with the latest updates and fixes. If ye be using Intune, ye should keep an eye on this bug and apply updates as they become available.